How Pumpkin Seed Oil Can Improve Your Meals, From An RD

How Pumpkin Seed Oil Can Enhance Your Meals, From An RD

Feller uses pumpkin seed oil in two equally delicious ways: as a salad dressing (the nutty flavor enhances the vegetables you want to throw into the mix) and as a dessert drizzle. "One of my friends takes a high-fat yogurt and pours pumpkin seed oil over it for dessert," she says. "It's ridiculously good."

Pumpkin seed oil has such a versatile taste that it goes with just about any meal you prepare. Use it only as a final step and not as a skillet on the stove. Pumpkin seed oil has a smoke point of 320 degrees, so you won't want to cook with it. Instead, drizzle it on all of your favorite dishes, use it as the last step for roasted vegetables, or add a roasted flavor to desserts à la Feller.


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