How Runners Can Profit From A Collagen Complement

How Runners Can Benefit From A Collagen Supplement

"The building blocks of this (cartilage) tissue – namely collagen – are critical to the ability to support joints," says registered nutritionist Scott Keatley, RD. So, if you have joint problems or tend to exercise a lot of pressure on your joints – which can be a run for some – might consider collagen powder. *

In fact, a 24-week study of athletes found that those who took collagen supplements had less severe joint pain over time. * As for the full recovery of damaged cartilage, it is currently not clear if your body can fully do this (a 2019 human study suggested it could be) but if it is possible, having adequate collagen levels would be critical, noted Keatley.

Nor is he the only expert recommending this: William Cole, DC, IFMCP, an expert in functional medicine and a member of the mbg Collective, has many patients who take collagen supplements and says, "They not only notice that their skin is lighter becomes stronger, but also nails, hair becomes more radiant, but they often have less joint pain. "*

As for the runners themselves? Our own Emma Loewe, senior editor for sustainability and long-time runner, uses collagen supplements as part of her overall running routine: “Since I've gotten into the habit of taking mbg's grass-fed Kollagen +, I've noticed that the aches and pains occur after a hard workout The training doesn't last that long. * Although it used to be enough to run two days in a row to get sore, I was able to exercise three to four days in a row and still feel fresh. It helps my energy levels feel more stable and I don't rely on the snooze button as much in the morning. * "


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