How Tatcha’s Deep Cleanse Can Assist Clear Summer time Breakouts


Quick Factoid: I have an irrational fear of facial scrubs. Logically, I know that today’s iterations are so different from the sandpaper options of the past, but the lingering memory of my poor, broken capillaries made me suspicious. Little did I know that a (gentle) facial peel would be the answer to my skin problems in summer.

You see, Tatcha’s Deep Cleanse is an exfoliating cleaner that uses Japanese loofah fruit enzymes to remove dirt from the fruit skin, as well as ground fibers. The tiny granules effectively dissolve all traces of sunscreen, oil and dirt, but don’t leave my skin peeled or irritated afterwards. Technically, it’s a gel cleaner that squeezes out a pale yellow mass, but it instantly lathes into a creamy lather that is incredibly delicate on the skin (hat tip to the silk-derived cleansers) so it’s gentle enough on it to use every day.

The formula also includes Japanese wild rose, a botanical plant native to East Asia that is rich in vitamins A, C, and E to help lighten and smooth tone, as well as Japanese leopard lily – a flower that has been in Japan for centuries Used and loved for reducing excess oil and promoting cell turnover. Both are also key ingredients in the brand’s favorite cult water cream, and they work wonders to fade hyperpigmentation.


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