How To Apply Concealer On Positive Strains, From A Make-up Artist

How To Apply Concealer On Fine Lines, From A Makeup Artist

If we could put a slogan on this trick, it would be: Less is more.

Regarding the products, "Choose concealers that are light and not thick and creamy," says Jaikaran. "These increase the formation of wrinkles and can lead to deposits on the face." Mere instinct can cause you to apply layers of a creamy product to mask those lines, but heavier confectionery can often sink into the creases and look cake-like as the day progresses.

A weightless formula (try this airy option from Kjaer Weis) glides effortlessly on and ultimately helps the area appear naturally fuller. "Less is more when it comes to covering up mature skin," Jaikaran once shared with mbg. "Evening out skin tone should take precedence over hiding wrinkles."

A little precision is also sufficient for the application bit. Jaikaran recommends hiding spots: instead of applying an even layer of concealer (either in crescents or upside-down triangles), place small dots of product on the eyelids, inner corners of the eyes, and whatever other areas you want to cover. "Use a small amount of concealer on a small, fluffy brush and lightly buff these areas," notes Jaikaran.

Start slowly and apply more points as needed. Remember to carefully polish these between each layer. In this way, the product blends in nicely with the skin without separating.


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