How To Begin & Hold A Dream Journal, From A Jungian Psychologist

How To Start & Keep A Dream Journal, From A Jungian Psychologist

According to Ellis, the dream journal is a tangible way to interact with and ponder our nightly adventures in the dream world. And the more attention we pay to them, the better; "The more we pay attention to our dreams, the more we remember them – and the more helpful they are," she says.

Once you start your journal, it becomes easier to see what your dreams are trying to tell you about your waking life, Ellis notes. "In particular," she says, "dreams can help us better understand our blind spots and shed light on things that are important that we may have avoided."

And when we record our dreams, we can see repeating patterns and themes over time. "You will be able to use your dreams to track change and be aware of when something begins to change in your dream life," she adds. "This can often reflect major changes and advances in relevant aspects of your waking life."


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