How To Construct A Mediterranean-inspired Mezze Platter In 15 Minutes Or Much less

How To Build A Mediterranean-inspired Mezze Platter In 15 Minutes Or Less

Since we won't be getting on a plane to Italy or Greece anytime soon, we are looking for other ways to transport ourselves to distant countries without leaving our home. Our contact? Food of course.

With science-based health benefits, a food pyramid that is as desirable as it is nutritious, and boastful rights as the best overall health diet in 2020, the Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest way to get your taste buds to travel.

Imagine this simple, shareable recipe for a Mediterranean mezze platter as a means of transport and be creative with the ingredients you choose and arrange. We used bright radishes, green snap peas, red cherry tomatoes, and orange melon to bring pop colors and kid-friendly flavors to the plate, along with a must-have selection of dips, cheese, and protein from Boar & # 39; s Head ® Simplicity®. These delicious cured meats and dips contain no artificial ingredients, nitrates or nitrites, added hormones or antibiotics, so you can relax and enjoy knowing you are feeding your family and friends real food.


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