How To Eat Cruciferous Veggies With Much less Bloating

How To Eat Cruciferous Veggies With Less Bloating

While many of the most famous cruciferous vegetables are complex and difficult to digest, that doesn't mean they all are: "Just remember, foods that are not all difficult to digest can have benefits," says LeVeque.

She recommends a simple mix to get these benefits: "Half mixed greens and half arugula, add radishes" is her favorite dish for a non-puff serving of these powerful vegetables.

While you may be used to reaching for these complex vegetables, you can definitely feel good eating these alternatives: "It doesn't always have to be cauliflower rice or Brussels sprouts," she says – and when they cause discomfort, puff , then they may not always be worth it.

Some other options that might not lead to that much bloating? Consider watercress and bok choy. Not sure how to try this vegetable? This is how Chrissy Tiegen eats rocket and it is also the ideal autumn salad.


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