How To Harness The Moon In Scorpio

How To Harness The Moon In Scorpio

Hide or reveal? That is the question – and the paradox – of Scorpio's full moon in 2021 on April 26th, which will peak at 11:31 p.m. ET. This esoteric zodiac sign is not comfortable when exposed by the full moon. But it will be difficult to keep secrets in the vault next Monday.

As a sign of extremes, the Scorpio energy can highlight our darkest shadows as well as our most enlightened selves.

This moon could bring some eye-opening revivals to anyone who refuses to deal with an ongoing conflict. Since it forms a hard T-square (three-way tug of war) with Taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius and interfering Uranus in Taurus, these situations could reach a boiling point – and quickly. If so, lean into the "fixed sign" energy of these planetary positions.

In other words, back off and figure out the most logical solutions. Keep calm, but don't continue until you've done a thorough research. Riot is temporary when you actually fix the problem (pun intended) instead of clapping on a band-aid.

The moon is known as the Full Pink Moon because of the pink flowers that bloom during this season. Unfortunately, the moon doesn't really take on this shadow. (Sorry to disappoint you!) But you might spot a pink elephant that did its best to hide in the corner. When you see something, say something … just follow the Scorpio rules and have the discussion privately.

Here are nine ways to channel the mysterious and powerful Full Moon 2021 Scorpio to your advantage:


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