How To Harness The Pisces Moon

How To Harness The Pisces Moon

Keep on dreaming! On Wednesday, September 2nd (at 1:22 a.m. CET), the full Corn Moon in Pisces shows compassion, love and magic on the world and helps us to visualize our wishes and to clarify open questions.

It's time for a little enchantment as the Pisces Full Moon 2020 holds a ceremony in our deepest psyches. These mystical moon rays are known to work miracles. How? By opening our channels for spiritual guidance, which can appear as signs, coincidences or messages in our dreams.

Flowing, dreamy fish soften our resistance to change. Do you need to "let go and let it flow"? There is only one thing to do under this full moon: surrender to the divine wisdom of the universe. These prophecies probably won't make sense on paper, but do they make your soul sing? Turn on. Among these esoteric moonbeams, your intuition is the strongest voice in the choir.

Seeds that you planted near February 23, 2020, Pisces New Moon are ready to harvest. Inquiries you made to the universe six months ago are about to burst. They could illuminate the moody night sky with opalescent light, or they could gush out all over.

When something ends, Pisces provide a soft space to reflect, and let tears and stuck emotions flow. But don't fall victim to escapism: the energies of Pisces can become cloudy and delusional, causing you to stray from your path. Take a little break from mood-altering substances if you're feeling ungrounded. This helps mitigate the "madness" a full moon (and a full moon in Pisces, no less) stirs up. A little emotional perspective would be nice, wouldn't it?

Here are seven ways you can go with the flow during the Pisces Full Moon 2020:


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