How To Maintain Your Head To Get Smudge-Free Mascara From A MUA

How To Hold Your Head To Get Smudge-Free Mascara From A MUA

First, grab your trusty mascara. (If you need help, check out our guide to makeup brush types or take a look at our favorite clean mascaras.) Then stand with your even feet on the floor in front of the mirror. Then follow this makeup artist's application tip.

"To avoid accidentally getting mascara on your eyelids when you apply it to your eyelashes, you need to position your face. With the mirror in front of you, lift your chin to tilt your face up, then just look with your eyes Eyes down at yourself in the mirror, "says makeup artist and licensed beautician Jude Andam. “This head position helps you get better access to your lashes, so you can apply even to the shortest lashes and lift better with each use, while keeping your eyelids and brows out of the way, making them less likely to accidentally smear or get dirty up your eye makeup. "

This prevents you from messing up your lids and lashes and allows for more precise precision. From there, you can have more fun with moving the wand itself. Just remember to achieve these effects by moving the position of the wand, not your face. (Read: Keep Your Head Still And Let Your Hands Do The Work) “Don't forget to actually use the mascara wand to manipulate your lashes and move them in the shape and direction you want,” she says. Look with big eyes, fan lashes up and forward. For a look with winged eyes, the fan lashes up and out towards the temples. "


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