How To Make Your Wellness Work For You All The Time, Not Simply Your Self-Care Time

How To Make Your Wellness Work For You All The Time, Not Just Your Self-Care Time

The ancient practices that many of us subscribe to today as part of the "wellness culture" could develop on an entirely different timeline when people weren't trying to get so involved in a day. Ayurveda, yoga, tai chi, mediation, and healing arts emerged from the self-study and trial and error of practitioners who had a common desire to know themselves and share knowledge with their communities.

What prevailed in these ancient societies was practical health care, a way to maintain health and well-being as part of daily life instead of waiting for signs of illness before addressing health problems. For example, Shiatsu, a form of Japanese bodywork based on concepts from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), was originally practiced at home among family members as a normalized form of mutual care. Can you imagine families doing this together today?

We have the option to always let our wellness practices work for us, not just the moments when we prepare yoga, meditation or a nutritious meal. We have the opportunity to sensitize ourselves and the world around us by simply listening.


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