How To Relinquish Management Throughout Intercourse For Extra Connection

How To Relinquish Control During Sex For More Connection

That means exactly what it sounds like: giving up total control over what happens during a sexual session and allowing your partner to make all the decisions. "Let them lead you in the direction they think will bring you the greatest pleasure," explains Sparks.

There is a lot of confidence in this type of sexual game. They allow your partner to decide everything about the sexual encounter: how you move your body, what positions you are in, when or if you reach orgasm, and even what the energy should be between you. Your only goal is to completely let go of the desire to control the outcome of the sexual session – don't worry about pleasing your partner, setting yourself free, being "good in bed" or anything else – and just do that Allow yourself to be fully present in the experience your partner is having for you.

“When you give up your control and trust your partner, you can give your energy to him. This strengthens your connection, ”explains Sparks.

In other words, there are two benefits: get out of your head, pay more attention to the sensations in your body, and better connect with your partner because you are not thinking about what you should be doing or trying to get results.

"So many of us love being in control and the thought of letting go of that control can be a challenge," added Sparks. "These practices require communication."


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