How To Use Ayurveda To Stability Your Chakras: An Intro Information

How To Use Ayurveda To Balance Your Chakras: An Intro Guide

Ayurveda also heals our energetic system, which we understand through the chakras.

Like Ayurveda, the chakra modality originated in India – but it came later, probably in the Hindu Vedas between 1500 and 500 BC. Although these two modalities are not directly related, they can be viewed together.

How could you ask? Ayurveda is an element-based healing science that consists of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether. We see these elements in the natural environment, but we also hold them within us.

The combination of elements within us makes our unique mind, body, soul type: our Dosha. Some of us have more earth and water (Kapha), others more fire and water (Pitta), and the rest of us have more air and ether (Vata). (This quiz can give you an idea of ​​which dosha you are dominating in.)

Illness and imbalance occur when we have an excess of Dosha in our vessels. To heal the excess of a dosha one has to bring in the opposite elements to create a balance.

For example, having too much earth and water elements (kapha imbalance) can make us feel stuck, overly emotional, or lethargic. In order to find balance and to heal, we need more fire element to burn away the heaviness and rekindle our creative fire.

If we have too much of the fire element (Pitta imbalance), we can feel judgmental and critical and have digestive problems. Hence, we need more water to calm our nervous system and calm our digestive tract.

If we have too much air and ether (Vata imbalance), we may feel anxious and overwhelmed and experience dryness and constipation. In order to keep the balance, we need more earth elements to bring stability and informed action into our lives.

Each chakra is associated with a different element. So when we determine which element to bring into our life, we can also focus on healing the relevant chakra. If you think about it in this way, Ayurvedic healing is expanded to another level and the modality for energy-curious people is expanded to include a new entry point.

Our intuitive template below shows you how to use Ayurveda to balance the chakras.


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