India turns into third nation to move 4 million coronavirus circumstances

India becomes third country to pass four million coronavirus cases

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India is the third country in the world to have experienced four million coronavirus infections and saw a new record high per day on Saturday in cases where the crisis shows no signs of a peak.

The 86,432 new cases resulted in India having 4,023,179 infections, third behind the United States with more than 6.3 million and just 4.1 million behind Brazil.

While the government has eased restrictions to revitalize the economy, India has the fastest growing number of cases in the world at more than 80,000 per day and the highest daily death toll at over 1,000.

The country's number of cases rose from three to four million in just 13 days, faster than in the United States and Brazil.

The pandemic is now spreading in rural areas with poor health facilities but is also picking up in large cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

The state of Maharashtra, which also includes Mumbai, has been at the center of the crisis in India since the nationwide lockdown in March. It still accounts for nearly a quarter of the 1.3 billion new daily cases across the country.

Shamika Ravi, an economics professor and former government advisor who has closely followed pandemic trends in India, said India was "nowhere near" a peak and Maharashtra needs to become the "focus" of the coronavirus campaign.

"There is no control over COVID-19 in India without controlling the Maharashtra outbreak," she said on Twitter.

"Because of its economic importance, Maharashtra will continue to influence the spread of infections in other parts of the country."

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