Iran information highest COVID-19 instances in a single day

Iran records highest COVID-19 cases in a single day

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Iran announced the highest number of cases of the novel coronavirus in a single day on Tuesday. 3,712 people were infected within 24 hours.

"There is an increase in confirmed cases and daily hospitalizations in most of our provinces," Ministry of Health spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari said on TV announcements.

"Compliance with health protocols and wearing of masks is decreasing," she warned.

The highest number of cases previously recorded was on June 4, when official figures reported 3,574 cases.

Iran has fought against the deadliest COVID-19 outbreak in the Middle East. The death toll is 24,656 out of a total of 429,193 infected.

On Monday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged people to respect state health regulations, implying that Iranians are taking the threat of the virus lightly.

Iran took various restrictive measures to contain the virus without ever imposing a full lockdown. Its economy was already hit after the US reinstated sanctions in 2018.

While regions have been coded with a traffic light system of risk – white, yellow and red – the Ministry of Health has stated that the whole country should now be considered "red".

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