Iraq stories 24-hour virus toll file of over 3,800


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The Iraqi Ministry of Health reported 3,841 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours on Thursday, a record since the first infection was registered in February.

The latest count brings the total number of confirmed cases in Iraq to 164,277, including 5,641 deaths, the ministry said.

The novel coronavirus has brought the fragile Iraqi economy to its knees and overwhelmed hospitals, which have been burdened by decades of conflict and a lack of investment.

Iraq reopened to commercial flights in late July after a four-month lockdown. Earlier this month it lifted other restrictions and reopened shopping malls and stores.

However, the number of confirmed virus cases had risen steadily through Thursday's record.

It made Iraq one of the hardest hit countries in the Middle East, but still far behind neighboring Iran, which has had more than 300,000 confirmed cases in total since February.

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