Jap EU members log document new virus depend

Eastern EU members log record new virus count

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Poland reported a record 1,002 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, while neighboring EU members Lithuania and Slovakia also posted their largest daily numbers since the pandemic began.

Eastern European numbers coincide with an increase in cases across Europe since August, which has led many countries to turn to tighter restrictions again.

"The numbers we see now are the result of people returning to normal everyday life and returning to work," said Polish Ministry of Health spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz.

"It's what we see on the streets every day: more people, more contact," he told the Polish news agency PAP.

The increase brings the total number of reported coronavirus cases in the nation from 38 million people to 78,330.

The ministry reported 12 new COVID deaths on Saturday, bringing the total to nearly 2,300.

In neighboring Slovakia, a nation of 5.4 million people, the total of 290 new infections totaled more than 6,500 cases.

"Now we have a new record. Today the situation is critical," wrote Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic on Facebook.

"However, if we continue to be responsible, we will live relatively freely despite the pandemic."

Lithuania, a Baltic state with 2.8 million inhabitants, also reported the highest daily number.

The 99 new infections amount to more than 3,600 cases.

For its part, the Czech Republic reported more than 2,100 new cases a day after registering a record of 3,130 new infections.

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