Kroger’s Chefbot Needs To Assist You Restrict Meals Waste: We Tried It

Kroger's Chefbot Wants To Help You Limit Food Waste: We Tried It

To help customers reduce food waste at home, the brand is meeting them where they are: on social media.

While my stack of cookbooks looks accusatory, I often turn to my search bar for inspiration on weekday recipes – and I appreciate that this new tool makes it even easier.

The process for using it is pretty straightforward: I took a picture of the three ingredients I had and tweeted @KrogerChefbot who in turn confirmed that my ingredients were correctly identified. While it mistook onions for cabbage I was able to correct it and we had a great start. Chefbot has access to Kroger's extensive database of 20,000 recipes, which means he should theoretically have an answer for everything.

Once it knows for sure what ingredients it is working with, it will respond with a link to recipes that use those ingredients – not necessarily all together, but in a fun way that you may not have thought of before.

My favorite idea was to use some withered baby cabbage in a warm kale salad to get the most of it. It was a great way to get inspiration from the ingredients I already had in my kitchen.

The program is part of Krogers Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Program, with which they want to help communities find a way to be free from hunger and food waste. The disturbing reality is that so much food is being wasted that there are still many communities and people who do not have access to enough food, especially healthy food. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), one in nine Americans was food unsafe in 2018.

Food insecurity is a huge problem that just doesn't make sense given the amount of food we throw away. Chefbot is Kroger's latest initiative in a larger movement to go waste-free over the next five years.

While the best place to limit food waste at home is by shopping, Chefbot can help you find inspiration and recipes that use what you have without having to sign out of your social accounts.


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