Make Lunch Comforting With This Fall Root Veggie Soup Recipe

Make Lunch Comforting With This Fall Root Veggie Soup Recipe

When the weather gets colder, our favorite salad lunches may be less appealing – we crave something warm and comforting instead. And here a perfect vegetable soup is the perfect solution: still a healthy option, but with that feeling of comfort eating we're in search of.

This particular soup recipe comes from sisters Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat, who recently collaborated on their second cookbook, The Bite Me Balance Cookbook. The book, and its brand, is designed to help you ditch restrictive diets in favor of balanced cuisine with the occasional treat. A soup like this is a perfect balanced meal, as it is warm and calming while also providing a good dose of healthy autumn root vegetables.

"Quick and easy to pull together (preparation time is 10 minutes)," they write, "this robust cold-weather soup means more time by the fire, where the forecast is always warm and toasted."

We love the mix of root vegetables that make up this mix, which adds to the dish's fall appeal. Carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and sweet potatoes all come together in chicken broth – bonus points if you choose to make your own broth (because it's actually just bone broth anyway).


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