New Analysis Finds That Longer Sleep Makes Leads To Extra Pleasure

New Research Finds That Longer Sleep Makes Leads To More Joy

Researchers at the University of British Columbia studied the sleep routine of 1,982 American adults over the course of a week. During this time, they identified two main trends: After a shorter night's sleep, people felt particularly annoyed by stressful situations and found less pleasure in good things the next day.

"When people experience positive things like hugging or spending time in nature, they usually feel happier that day," lead study author Nancy Sin, PhD, explained the results in a press release. "But we've found that a person who sleeps less than usual creates less positive emotions from their positive events."

By conducting daily telephone interviews with participants and asking about their sleep duration, their daily stressors, positive events and impacts, Sin 's team found that even "small variations in sleep duration from night to night have ramifications for people's response to events in." can have." their daily life. "

The sour mood that ensues cannot be deterred: we now know that chronic stress and negative emotions make us more susceptible to chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and leaky gut, as well as short-term infections like colds.


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