Ought to {Couples} Have Intercourse Each Day? A Intercourse Therapist’s Recommendation

Should Couples Have Sex Every Day? A Sex Therapist's Advice

When I say that I have sexual intimacy every 48 hours, I am not initially talking exclusively about sexual intercourse between the penis and vagina. It is important for couples to broaden their definition of sex to include other forms of sexual intimacy, such as sex. B. Sensitive touch, sensual massage, manual stimulation, and nude cuddling, to name a few. There are many types of sexual touch that can be physically pleasurable, and all of these help couples foster greater intimacy and connection.

How does the 48 hour sex challenge work?

For open and willing couples, I often suggest turning this into a game: if one partner asks about sexual intimacy, it is up to the other partner to say yes and then determine what type of sex act they would like to participate in as well whether they would like it to happen within 24 hours of the "question".

The goal is to make yourself more comfortable saying “yes” to your partner and make sex a priority in the relationship. I also suggest keeping a "captain's log" for your partner, where you can write down everything you've enjoyed after a encounter to keep in mind for next time.

I usually combine sexual intimacy with the Gottman card games, an image recognition dialogue or the "36 questions to fall in love with". These games and exercises increase the mental and emotional intimacy necessary to nurture simultaneously while a couple works to improve their sexual connection.

It is also important that they address previous problems related to shame and sex in therapy. I certainly don't recommend this exercise only to couples when it's first starting out. Many interpersonal and psychological issues can lead to desire discrepancies, which are important when unpacking as a couple before diving into a beefed up sex regime.


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