Over 200 million vaccine doses administered globally

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More than 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccine were administered in at least 107 countries and territories on Saturday, according to an AFP census based on official sources.

In total, 201,042,149 doses at 1000 GMT have been administered worldwide – a number that doesn't include the latest data from China and Russia, which have not published their progress in the past few days.

Around 45 percent of the injections were given in countries belonging to the wealthy G7 club, whose members only make up 10 percent of the world's population.

The seven countries – the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan – promised on Friday to share the cans more fairly with the worse-off countries.

The G7 leaders plan to more than double their support for coronavirus vaccinations worldwide to $ 7.5 billion, including through the World Health Organization-led Covax program.

In a broader sense, 92 percent of doses worldwide were given in countries classified by the World Bank as "high-income" or "upper-middle-income", which make up around half of the world's population.

The facility is considered "low-income" among the 29 countries; only Guinea and Rwanda have started vaccination.

Israel is way ahead of any other country in the world as nearly half of its population has received at least one dose of vaccine.

One in three Israelis has received both doses necessary for complete protection.

Other countries that have given more than 10 percent of their population at least one dose are the UK (25 percent), Bahrain (16), the United States (13), Chile (12), the Seychelles (43) and the Maldives (12) . .

In absolute terms, the US injected more people than any other nation, at 59.6 million doses.

China had reached 40.5 million by February 9, Britain 17.5 million, India 10.7 million and Israel 7.1 million.

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