Questioning Why Your Tooth Are Yellow? You May Be Overbrushing

Wondering Why Your Teeth Are Yellow? You Might Be Overbrushing

There are actually two ways overbrushing can lead to yellow teeth. In the TikTok video, Kahng says brushing your teeth too hard or too often can peel off tooth enamel, making it appear yellower.

According to holistic dentist Mark Burhenne, DDS, enamel thinning takes a long time but is possible. In this case, the second layer of teeth, called the dentin layer, is exposed.

"Dentin is living tissue with tubules," Burhenne told mbg. These tubules are connected to nerves in the teeth. If they are not protected by tooth enamel, they are more sensitive to cold, acidic or sugary foods and drinks. It's also more naturally yellow than enamel, he explains.


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