Roasted Rainbow Beets With Seared Halloumi & Pistachios Recipe

Roasted Rainbow Beets With Seared Halloumi & Pistachios Recipe

It is high time we stopped keeping the green based salad and you are a safe convert with this beet based salad. Really less of a salad than a dish that you could serve as a vegetarian main course for dinner or as a satisfying lunch, this recipe from Eat, Habibi, Eat! Fresh recipes for modern Egyptian cuisine by Shahir Massoud start with nutritious root vegetables: red and yellow beets.

Beets, especially beets, are "an incredible source of nitrate nutrients," said New York Times cardiologist and bestselling author Alejandro Junge, M.D. They're also full of phytonutrients called anthocyanins and betalaine. Overall, this makes adding beets to your table a great choice for your heart, brain, and digestive health.

The other key component in this dish is halloumi. "Halloumi is a versatile semi-hard white cheese that has been known in Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine for generations, and for good reason," writes Massoud in the introduction to the recipe, "can be seared, grilled or even grilled. It gives a dish salty punch that is sometimes needed to keep the other players in a salad. "The cheese is also a good source of protein (7 grams per ounce serving) and calcium (about 25% of the daily recommended value per ounce serving).

And in this case, the beets are not only good for your health – they also make this dish look like an absolute show stopper. “As for beets, always fry them (never boil them!),” He writes, “and glaze them with a little reduced orange juice for flavor and shine, along with some red leftover juice to drizzle on the plate for a while . " nice finish. "


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