Sleep Apnea May Be Improved By The Intestine Microbiome, Research Says

Sleep Apnea Could Be Improved By The Gut Microbiome, Study Says

Lead researcher David Gozal, M.D., says this study shows that manipulating the gut microbiome could ultimately help prevent and treat sleep apnea problems.

“For example, if we combine Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) with bespoke probiotics that alter the patient's gut microbiome, we may be able to eliminate some of the tiredness and fatigue and reduce the likelihood of the associated comorbidities with OSA, which affects cognition, memory, heart -Circulatory diseases or metabolic disorders affect. "

As promising as this preliminary research has been conducted in animals, more research is needed to verify the results in humans. Once that happens, Gozal says, "Then this is an important move in the way we deal with OSA."


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