The 10 Finest Pure Toothpastes For A Clear, Dazzling White Smile

The 10 Best Natural Toothpastes For A Clean, Dazzling White Smile

Quick question: how often do you think about your toothpaste? If your answer is clear, take a moment to talk about your trusted tube. Traditional pastes can contain sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS), which gives them that fundamental, foamy mouthfeel. The problem is, sulfates can potentially irritate your soft mouth tissues and disrupt the microbiome (which, according to experts, can lead to chronic bad breath in the long run!). It's similar to why you might stick to a sulfate-free shampoo when you shower – it might not lather up into a foamy lather, but that doesn't make it any less cleansing.

When it comes to fluoride, it's a tricky story: some functional dentists recommend avoiding the ingredient altogether, but the American Dental Association says it is safe to use and essential in strengthening teeth and making them more resistant to tooth decay – in the Right now it's really about personal preference.

Regardless, why should you put toothpaste in the background when sticking to natural products for your skin and hair? It's a product that most of us use at least twice a day. You can find a number of market options to help keep your teeth clean, keep your gums strong, and keep your smile white.


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