The Distinction & What To Do About Them

The Difference & What To Do About Them

However, you can also take preventive measures, so your bags do not worsen with age. Notably? Maintaining healthy natural collagen levels. You can tend to the skin with collagen-enhancing topicals (vitamin C and retinols come to mind), but you can also go internal. Collagen supplements have been shown to support skin cell’s fibroblasts, or the parts of the skin cells which produce collagen and elastin. This helps your body enhance collagen production on its own.

OK, the last one that tends to be a lesser complaint, but should be noted regardless as it’s quite common: Puffiness. This is what happens when the skin around your eye feels bloated, commonly due to lifestyle factors. As physician Bindiya Gandhi, M.D., told us, these might be triggered allergies—food, environmental, or otherwise: “Obviously symptoms vary from person to person and food to food, but many times, physical manifestations of allergies include watery eyes, itchy skin, or puffy face and eyes.” They can also be caused again) lack of sleep, salt intake, or even stress (“With stress, your body goes into this fight-or-flight mode and you retain bodily fluids because your body thinks you need it. It’s a physiological reaction,” says Gohara.)


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