The Korean Artwork Of Residing Meditation

The Korean Art Of Living Meditation

Most forms of meditation tell us to be still and calm, to take time for our busy lives, and to forget about our ever-growing to-do lists. Myung Sung does the opposite.

This Korean form of meditation, which I learned at a young age, is active, dynamic, and tied into our everyday experience. More philosophy than active practice, it is a living meditation that helps us go deeper into life and discover our place and purpose in the world.

All living beings share a connection. Some call this an energy, others call it a life force. I just call it connectedness. As we begin to practice Myung Sung, we become more aware of this connectedness. We learn more about ourselves, our relationships, and our impact on the world around us.

Of course, these lessons don't come overnight! However, by practicing the following eight Myung Sung keys, you can find that greater sense of peace and connectedness – without having to sit still on a meditation cushion:


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