The Prime Dealer Joe’s Espresso Merchandise To Snag On Your Subsequent Journey

The Top Trader Joe's Coffee Products To Snag On Your Next Trip

Different brewing methods don't prevent you from buying TJs for your morning drink. If you're a fan of pod-based brewing, they have all sorts of options.

The last time I stopped by, I was excited to see cone filter papers too. They are unbleached, made from paper pulp and available in two sizes – compatible with Melita, Krups and Braun coffee machines.

That being said, one of my favorite ways to brew coffee (all year round!) Is a good cold brew, and I've found Trader Joe's beans to work wonderfully for this method! The best part about making cold brew is that all you need is the bottom, water, a glass, and some time – and something to filter out the grinders at the end of the brew time. The above cone filters can be used for this, otherwise you can use a cheesecloth or super fine mesh strainer.


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