three Cauliflower Recipes To Make Whereas It is In Season

3 Cauliflower Recipes To Make While It's In Season

Exciting news: It's officially high season for cauliflower – which means it's time to stop buying frozen cauliflower product (although we love cauliflower gnocchi as much as the next person) and start shopping for fresh, locally sourced cauliflower. While it's technically in season from June onwards, according to the Food Network, it peaks this month (September) and continues through November. You'll also see more of the colorful caulis in the fall – purples and yellows.

These recipes are taken from the September issue of the Loaves and Fishes Farm series of farm-to-table cookbooks, a collection of cookbooks organized by the owners of the gourmet grocery store in the Hamptons. The books are sorted by month and contain recipes that highlight the farms of the business.

We love cauliflower for a number of reasons: It's a great base for a variety of flavors, and it can be used in a variety of kitchens. The past few years have shown that it can also be converted into vegetarian versions of some of our favorite carbohydrates. It's also a cruciferous vegetable, meaning it can help improve blood sugar management, support colon and heart health, and it may even have cancer-preventing properties.

These three recipes are great ways to appropriately celebrate these wonder vegetables, especially during the season.


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