three Easy Practices To Obtain Higher Intestine Well being In 2021

3 Simple Practices To Achieve Better Gut Health In 2021

Incorporating micro-movements throughout the day, whether through a dance, a walk, or a quick 20-minute workout, can improve physical, mental, and gut health. "Regular exercise can actually help strengthen your digestive tract," said naturopath Jaime Schehr, N.D., R.D. "The amount of blood that is drained from your digestive system decreases because your muscles are more efficient when exercising."

The thought of starting a regular exercise routine can seem daunting – especially if you've recently dropped out or never had the chance to start one. This fear many of us have about exercising is likely due to a misunderstanding we have about health.

"If health means exercising regularly, I agree," writes certified Pilates instructor Helen Phelan. "However, if it means exercising for the sole purpose of weight loss, you will likely begin to fear it and see it as a punishment." Focusing on intuitive exercises or exercises that actually give you pleasure and make you feel good is much more sustainable.


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