three Methods Insecurity Hurts Your Relationship + How To Repair It

3 Ways Insecurity Hurts Your Relationship + How To Fix It

If we always follow the other person's suggestions or points of view, we are denying our own voice. Maybe we don't tell our partner that we don't like the same music they are interested in because we worry that we are losing a significant mutual interest. Or maybe we're not challenging their restaurant choices because we don't want to appear uncomfortable. Insecurity overtakes our willingness to express ourselves because we fear that our partner may not like who we really are.

When we find ourselves suppressing our voice to keep our partner happy, we need to remember that this creates an illusion-based relationship. A healthy relationship arises when two people treat each other honestly and sincerely. In this type of association, each partner wants to know what the other feels, thinks and wants. However, when we deprive our partner of this honesty, we prevent the relationship from deepening and maturing.

If we still want to appease rather than speak up, ask ourselves, "What do I really want or believe?" or "What's true for me?" Once we commit to speaking our truth, we have to speak without qualification or dismissive comments and say, "I'd like to dine out tonight," "I don't really like this band," or "I disagree with yours." Political views. "When we say what we think, feel and believe, we allow ourselves to connect in a real way with our partner – or we induce the formation of a relationship that was initially wrong for us. Both scenarios lead to the conclusion to a better result for everyone involved.


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