three Newbie Love Spells To Strive This Valentine’s Day

3 Beginner Love Spells To Try This Valentine's Day

Love magic can go through history up to 2200 BC. In the ancient Middle East (present-day Iraq, southeastern Turkey, southwestern Iran, northeastern Syria and Kuwait) as well as in ancient Egypt. Over time, these practices were picked up in ancient Greek and Roman cultures, continued through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and are still there today.

Magic has always been associated with women and witches in general, and love magic specifically includes everything from literal spells to things like potions, rituals, dolls, and so on. Nowadays, as more and more people are opening up to the potential of magic, inexperienced witches are keen to try their hand at beginner spells and rituals.

And just like for your information, "magic" with a "k" is used to distinguish between stage magic and illusion. It was first coined by Aleister Crowley who created the Thelema religion and directed the spiritual practice that was to become Wicca. How you spell it really depends on your preferences.


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