Transfer Round A Lot In Your Sleep? Here is What It Actually Means

Move Around A Lot In Your Sleep? Here's What It Really Means

According to Stacie Stephenson D.C., CNS, a chiropractic and functional medicine doctor, it is perfectly normal to move around while you sleep.

In fact, the average sleeper moves 40 to 50 times a night. We may move less when we are deprived of sleep, but under normal circumstances, she adds, we are naturally more active in stage 1 or light sleep and REM sleep than in other phases of sleep.

That said, moving in a certain way can be a sign of a problem. Certain types of sleep movements, like restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder, are linked to stress, depression, lifestyle factors like too much caffeine, and even certain health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea, according to Stephenson. to ADHD, PTSD, and frequent nightmares.

"We know that these sleep disorders, if not the movements themselves, are linked to poor sleep," Stephenson told mbg. "But if you feel rested during the day, you probably have no problem."

If you doze off in the middle of the day or feel like you can always take a nap, "it is an indication that you may not be getting enough sleep or that the quality of your sleep is suffering," she adds.

Long story short, if you are frequently tired and have problems with throwing and turning or restless limbs, "there may be a connection and it may be time to do something about it".


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