UAE every day coronavirus instances hit report excessive of 1,007

UAE daily coronavirus cases hit record high of 1,007

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The UAE said its daily novel coronavirus cases hit an all-time high of 1,007 on Saturday, surpassing the level they had at the last peak in May.

Authorities sounded the alarm earlier this week when the daily cases increased fivefold from a month ago and warned residents and citizens to adhere to measures to contain the disease.

"Those who violate the prevailing preventive measures, be it an individual, shops or restaurants, will be held accountable," said Farida al-Hosani, spokeswoman for the Emirates health sector, on Thursday.

According to Hosani, 12 percent of the cases were residents or citizens returning to the UAE from abroad despite receiving negative tests from their destination countries, which are required for entry.

The remainder of the cases involved people infected through social events, workplace contacts, or other gatherings.

Saturday's infection rate of 1,007, which topped 1,000 for the first time, came after the rate rose steadily throughout the week.

During the first wave of drops, the numbers peaked at 994 on May 22, before steadily declining and rising again a month ago.

Hosani said the increase in cases was due to people failing to adhere to measures such as social distancing and the mandatory wearing of masks, and continued to gather in large numbers in homes, shops and restaurants.

In the United Arab Emirates with around nine million inhabitants, 78,849 novel coronavirus cases have been registered so far, including 399 deaths.

The country's large community of migrant workers, living in overcrowded and sometimes unsanitary conditions, has been particularly hard hit.

The country, a collection of seven emirates, was strictly locked down in March to suppress infection. Dubai, in particular, is now largely open to business and tourism, although a negative coronavirus test is still required to enter the capital, Abu Dhabi.

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