UK bans entry from Denmark after COVID mink outbreak

UK bans entry from Denmark after COVID mink outbreak

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The UK on Saturday banned the entry of all non-Denmark residents after a mutant version of the mink-farming coronavirus was found in humans.

The abrupt ban was announced by the transportation department overnight shortly after 02:00 GMT and went into effect at 04:00 GMT.

"This decision to act quickly follows the Danish health authorities who have reported widespread coronavirus outbreaks in mink farms," ​​Transport Minister Grant Shapps said on Twitter.

"The safety of the UK public remains our top priority," he said.

Denmark announced on Wednesday that the mutation had jumped from mink to humans and infected 12 people in the north of the country.

It has warned that the mutation could jeopardize the effectiveness of a future vaccine against COVID-19 and has ordered the slaughter of all around 17 million mink in the country.

Following the UK ban, UK citizens and permanent residents returning directly or indirectly from Denmark are now required to self-isolate along with everyone else in their household for 14 days.

No other foreigners can come to the UK from Denmark.

The requirements will be reviewed after a week, the transportation department said, just a day after Denmark was removed from a safe travel list, but without an outright ban.

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