Weekly Horoscope For April 26–Might 3, 2021, From The AstroTwins

Weekly Horoscope For April 26–May 3, 2021, From The AstroTwins

This moon lift charges the air with soulful seduction. Intense attractions bubbling in the background could explode into a passionate, bodice-rending good time. Privacy please! What happens in Scorpioville stays in Scorpioville – and this full moon has no tolerance for disloyal narks.

If sexy times isn't on your current wish list, pay attention to what's happening in the zoom room (not just the boom room). Since Scorpio rules a lot of money (think investments, inheritances, loans, and tax returns), you could bank or break a bank under those moonbeams.

With the right people, pure bliss or profitability is written in the stars. Lawyer and make these permanent partnerships "official".

Scorpio energy is not for the faint of heart, however. So, know that tapping this lunar cocktail can produce some pretty dramatic results. And more than ever, since this "monster moon", as our friend Susan Miller calls it, got into an intricate tug-of-war (called T-square) with Saturn and Uranus.

We've all heard stories about the Mega Millions winner who bought a lottery ticket every week and then went bankrupt in less than a decade. A willingness to hold the results you have manifested is the real key to making them permanent. We are not suggesting that you lower your standards, but rather that you put in place a solid support system that includes people who have been in this block and whom you keep an eye on at least a couple of times.

With structured Saturn in collaborative Aquarius, finding these experts should be just as important as finding the target itself. Unfortunately, the disruptive Uranus in Taurus, near the full moon, drives us away from reality. Since it can be difficult to know what is factual, watch out for gas lighters that are trying to convince you that you are imagining something that is all too obvious!


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