Weekly Horoscope For December 14-20, 2020 From The AstroTwins

Weekly Horoscope For December 14-20, 2020 From The AstroTwins

This day not only marks the annual new moon of Sagittarius, but is also a total solar eclipse under the sign of the wisdom-seeking archer of the zodiac. This is the second in the 18 month series of eclipses to hit the Ley line Sagittarius Gemini. These ethereal quakes began with the Sagittarius (full moon) lunar eclipse on June 5, 2020 and included the most recent lunar eclipse of Gemini on November 30th.

Eclipses shake the status quo and force us to test every assumption. While the moon blocks out the light of the sun, the darkness of a solar eclipse offers an existential break.

Which shadowy situations were we afraid to investigate? Where have we been in denial or avoidance? With eclipses on the information axis (Gemini-Sagittarius), the conspiracy theories have become wilder. Disinformation campaigns have hacked legitimate journalism, creating chaos and suspicion. But their absurdity has also been reinforced, which makes them less believable. Both Gemini and Sagittarius have been linked to the media that are under attack during this Eclipse series.

Will Monday's new moon bring an unbiased clarity? Probably yes. But these "facts" could still be subjective, as the twin halves of this equation are intended to emphasize here. So if your plan is to "call it what you see" or "tell the truth to the power", you are not looking for a universal match. And accept the fact that once you've spoken the words out loud, your own POV can change!


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