Weekly Horoscope For September 7–13, 2020, From The AstroTwins

Weekly Horoscope For September 7–13, 2020, From The AstroTwins

As Mars goes dark, secular Jupiter is awakened to a regression that began on May 14th. Join these mastermind groups and apply the wisdom of your favorite business gurus. Enterprising types will have the Midas touch with the red giant, who will drive forward in the Capricorn until December 19. Jupiter is the cosmic growth medium, but it is in Capricorn in "autumn", the least comfortable position.

This year-long cycle has generated as much corporatist greed as deliberate, sustainable development. If Jupiter is now flowing forward, check your game plan. You may think you're just "scaling up," but your pursuit of expansion could put you on the wrong side of history if you don't consider the impact of your actions on other people.

It cannot be denied that governments, large corporations and the economy – all areas of life ruled by Capricorn – have not only been badly hit, but have flipped across the map since Jupiter entered Capricorn on December 2, 2019. The Planet of Worldly Adventure The Capricorn-grounded company has also hit the travel industry hard. And so it goes on when lively, optimistic Jupiter lands on the timeout chair. That is, we can take advantage of some of Jupiter's cosmic happiness as it progresses in Capricorn through December 19, 2020.

When reaching for the stars, it can be helpful to set an area for yourself. No, you don't have to have a cap. But what would "enough" mean to you? Satisfaction is underestimated. Make this an opportunity to tune in and make sure you aren't just hunting for the sake of the hunt. Stop for regular moments of wonder and gratitude. Jupiter in Earthy Capricorn can also bring a fun-loving reminder that the best things in life (like nature) are free!



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