What Does Dreaming Of Spiders Imply? 11 Potential Interpretations

What Does Dreaming Of Spiders Mean? 11 Potential Interpretations

First and foremost, it is important to interpret the meaning when dealing with a bothersome dream. The above interpretations are more common examples, but Loewenberg says we always want to apply our own personal associations to the content of our dreams.

For example, a client of hers who had spider dreams had a personal association with seeing spiders as intruders. This led to a real-world problem she had with a friend who she found to be invasive and invaded her life.

Also important are the emotions that you experience, as well as your thought process in the dream. "What do you remember when you saw the spider? That is directly related to something in your real life that is currently a problem," notes Loewenberg.

Starting a dream journal and making sure you are getting adequate REM sleep are two other ways to help make your dreams clearer to you. Once you have deciphered the message that you believe the dream was about to show you, there are steps you can take in your real life to work on it.


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