What Intercourse Feels Like For Ladies: 21 Actual Ladies Clarify

What Sex Feels Like For Women: 21 Real Women Explain

"Sex feels like I am united with myself. Like every part of me that is all I but usually never interacts, there are suddenly new crazy connections connected that only exist during sex.

How: My nipple is sucked and I feel an explosive sensation in that nipple, which makes sense, but at the same time, I feel the exact same sensation in my pussy, ass, hands, toes – in a million places that normally never are feel like my breasts.

Or: My G-spot is constantly stimulated and it feels as if the entire area between my pussy and my neck is suddenly connected or has joined together like a torso into one piece. As if the stimulation connects my entire body and my mental presence in this room, how the rhythmic pressure creates a unity there, and I am all stimulated by this touch, which is centered in this room, while at the same time I pass through a very wide range The emotions range from lust and pleasure through helplessness and fear to excitement, joy and gratitude or almost spiritual contact. "

– Mine, 33


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