What Is Immune Resilience? A Practical Drugs Knowledgeable Explains

What Is Immune Resilience? A Functional Medicine Expert Explains

To reiterate, your immune health depends on the immune health of the planet. If both get healthier, there will still be enough reserves and reserves in the tank to deal with the upcoming wildcards. If either gets stuck in cycles of degradation and inflammation, we all get stuck as a species. We live a trapped life. We live with a pandemic in a pandemic.

My desire is to educate us all enough to find the right solutions to this particular pandemic, but there are also specifics on my radar. I hesitate to say because the answers are often so obvious, but these are still solutions to ingest: healthy eating, healthy sleep, exercise, social connection, love and empathy. When we all commit to these fundamentals, we can begin to optimize our personal and global immunity.

Resilience is your ability to adapt your immune response to conditions. This is a time of volatility and extremes – from the localized outbreaks of the pandemic across the country to calls for social justice that call for more love and empathy for all of us. With resilience, you can better cope with these fluctuations. Create the conditions in your life to nurture resilience and we all, including the planet itself, will benefit.


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