What It Means For Love, Profession & Extra

What It Means For Love, Career & More

You'd think a card called Lovers would be a foolproof sign of luck in love, but that's not always the case. "Love is always a choice," say Porter and June, "and it's a lot more about ourselves than about other people. In order to have the kind of relationships we want […], we have to be about it Be clear about who we are and who we are. " what we want to call into our lives. "

In some cases, it can mean knowing when to end a relationship that isn't serving you, or reviewing your own toxic or unhealthy behavior. Vanderveldt adds, as you draw this card, "Ask yourself: How do you align with your values ​​in your relationship? You are finding a balance that is right for both of you. What is that like?"

The card asks you to find out what your relationship means to you and how to create that love from within, she says.

"It's deep work," add Porter and June. "It sheds inherited patterns so we can have the life and relationships we really want, but we have to make these difficult decisions and get off the old ways first."


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