Which Of 6 Eye Shapes Do You Have + Make-up Suggestions For Every

Which Of 6 Eye Shapes Do You Have + Makeup Tips For Each

Eye make-up is one of the finest products in your cosmetic bag. Not only does it require precision shear (liquid eyeliner: don't say more), it also requires targeted technique – depending on your eyelid and bone structure, you may need to run your mascara wand at a slightly different angle or streamline your shadow. In other words, getting to know your eye shape can be key.

Ask Any Makeup Artist: In addition to knowing your undertones, understanding your own eye shape can really help you achieve your end goal, whatever it is. Of course, makeup doesn't (and shouldn't!) Change the outline of your eyes, but you can use shadows, liners, and the like to make your eye shape stand out. Not to mention, different eye shapes require different movements to achieve different looks.

Here we have selected two professional makeup artists for their best tips so that you can successfully customize your eye makeup products. Of course, these tips don't lay down rules – consider them more like touchstones to flatter your specific eye structure and pop those balls.


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