Why An Esthetician All the time Leaves Her Face Damp Submit-Bathe

Why An Esthetician Always Leaves Her Face Damp Post-Shower

Essentially, the same reason you should only dab your skin with a towel after cleansing is: if you are applying humectants, it is best to do it on damp skin. Humectants (like hyaluronic acid and glycerin) hydrate by sucking in water and holding it in the skin, keeping it plump and moist throughout the day. And as board certified dermatologist Angelo Landriscina, M.D. once said, "They'll have an easier time holding on to moisture if you provide it."

There's no need to completely drain your face after you shower – a beautiful veil of moisture is all you need to help these humectants do their job. When your face is soaking wet, Lee likes to pound her palms in the water before continuing with her routine: "I have an antioxidant mist that I spray immediately and that I allow to be fully absorbed," she notes as well as moisturizing essences and sprays excellent for moisturizing the skin.

It's like having a mini facial right in your bathroom: clean your face (either before you shower or under the spray – it's a hot debate among skin care teams), let the shower steam help make the skin more permeable to make (just make it make sure the water is not too hot when it touches your skin. let your face glisten with moisture as you wipe it. spray a moisturizing essence or mist at will, apply your Apply humectant and apply a moisturizer or oil to it to prevent all of the moisture from evaporating into the air.


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