Why Nutritionists Say Proscribing Sweets From Youngsters Can Backfire

Why Nutritionists Say Restricting Sweets From Kids Can Backfire

How does it work in practice? Serve treats regularly or as often as you eat them yourself. This can be for dessert or even with meals. By adding a biscuit to your biscuit, your child will learn that dessert is not that exciting.

That doesn't mean you should keep junk food on the counter or allow candy for free for everyone. We're just talking about taking the mystique off unhealthy foods by normalizing them as part of an overall healthy diet. You are still in charge here, setting the limits of when and where sweets and treats are allowed.

You also don't need to bring food into the house that is not part of your family's diet. For example, if you don't drink soda, you don't need to have it on hand for exposure – you'll get enough of it in the real world!

Another great option is to involve your child in the love work that involves making homemade desserts. This eliminates the idea that candy only comes in crumpled packaging and shows how goodies can be part of a healthy diet.

You can also have basic nutrition talks with your children to help them understand why you eat whole foods most of the time. Focus on the positive aspects of good nutrition, such as: B. refueling the body to play with, rather than the negative aspects of less healthy foods.


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