Why You Do not Have To Fear About Constructing A Tolerance To CBD

Why You Don't Have To Worry About Building A Tolerance To CBD

In short, the answer is no; People don't seem to be tolerant of CBD or other hemp extracts, which by definition contain very little THC. "There's no evidence that people become 'immune' to the effects of CBD over time or have to take escalating doses to get the same response," Goldstein told mbg.

She explains that this is due to the way CBD binds to receptors in the ECS. Instead of clinging directly to the receptors and telling them what to do, they appear to be more indirect in helping the health of the ECS. This is a key difference between CBD and THC, a psychoactive plant compound that our bodies become more tolerant of over time. Unlike CBD, THC binds directly to cannabinoid receptors in the brain like a key in a lock.

"When [the receptor] is exposed to higher doses of THC over time, it becomes unavailable by moving from its position on the cell wall to the interior of the cell, where it is no longer available to bind to the THC "explains Goldstein. "This process is known as receptor down-regulation."

When receptors are downregulated, fewer of them are available to bind, so a higher dose of THC is required to achieve the desired effects. Because of this, people who take high doses of THC on a regular basis develop a tolerance for it over time and may develop withdrawal symptoms when they cut a cold turkey.

"If you stop taking CBD, there will be no withdrawal syndrome or symptoms like THC," adds Gordon. "However, when people stop using CBD, their symptoms can return to pre-CBD levels, and this can confuse people into believing that they are having a 'withdrawal effect' from CBD – but, to our knowledge, it is not the case." so far."


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