Why Your Vata Dosha Can Go Haywire As The Climate Cools

Why Your Vata Dosha Can Go Haywire As The Weather Cools

If this sounds like you, so as not to fret yourself, while Vata can get out of whack fairly quickly, it's also one of the easiest doshas to contain. According to Rose, you literally want to bring the breezy dosha back to earth: eat ground foods first – think root vegetables, potatoes, and any foods that grow underground. "Warm stews, curries, anything that would warm your body," adds Rose.

And in the skin care area, Rose suggests massaging an oil onto your skin. (If you've ever thought about dipping your toes in an oil cleanse, consider this your kind nudge). She especially likes sesame oil: "Sesame oil is called mother oil because it is so warm and earthy." Regardless, facial oils and cleansers are great for dry, chapped skin as they feed the skin barrier and clear away excess sebum without ever shedding it. For vats with characteristically dry skin, this is a healthy investment. Just make sure that the oil you choose is non-comedogenic and is suitable for your skin.


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