Wrestle With Winter? Here is How To Reframe The Season

Struggle With Winter? Here's How To Reframe The Season

Winter, or "the dark half of the year as it was known in Celtic cultures," says May mbg, "has always been associated with pregnancy." It's the time of year when the "world is pregnant with promises," she adds. Adopting this mindset can be a helpful way to think about it.

"It has to do with thinking about and absorbing what happened in the summer – and processing it," she explains, so that you are ready to return to the world in the spring. And on top of that, winter brings us loneliness. "It invites us to spend some quiet time on our own heads," May adds. something that she values ​​very much.

"I really appreciate how winter changes my attitude," she says. "We can't be outside that much, but I enjoy the lack of pressure to go to so many social gatherings. It can be difficult to retreat and get some solitude in the summer. I think we should learn to appreciate the change Speed. "


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