Your Pre-Breakfast Espresso Might Impression Blood Sugar, Research Finds

Your Pre-Breakfast Coffee May Impact Blood Sugar, Study Finds

We drink a lot of coffee, and with the growing need to treat widespread chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease with stable blood sugar, these results are important.

"We know that almost half of us wake up in the morning and mostly drink coffee," said Professor James Betts in a press release. "Intuitively, the more tired we feel, the stronger the coffee." However, this research sheds light on how coffee affects our metabolism and blood sugar control.

That doesn't mean we have to give up our morning cup – you might want to wait a little longer in the morning. "We could improve this by eating first and drinking coffee later when we feel like we still need it," adds Betts.

Excuse all the people who will certainly not welcome this news, but now you have been warned. Fortunately, there are tons of healthy breakfasts to get our day going before you reach for your cup. Once you've eaten, it's time to start brewing.


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